Xiaomi temporarily stops developing MIUI 12 for its devices

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In its official forum, Xiaomi has reported that the update and distribution of MIUI 12 firmware for all Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones will suspend temporarily. It is not because of bugs or holes in the android. The work on MIUI 12 is delayed due to the holiday – the traditional Chinese Dragon Boat Festival. It will be on June 25. But work-related to MIUI 12 will stop for a week – from June 26 to July 3.

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Recently, Xiaomi rolled out MIUI 12 development version 6.15 for some of the users. And, after the update, the Xiaomi community forums were filled with complaints of reduction in the speaker volume level after installing the firmware. Some users report that the speaker volume on their phones is lower in comparison to when the smartphones were running version 5.24.

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miui 12

Xiaomi started an investigation to resolve the issue. The whole purpose of development builds was to provide feedback from the users. And the company will be responding quickly to this feedback.

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The company inspected the level of each volume block. The two firmware versions were identical on the 15th volume levels. They also measured the frequency response of the speaker at level 12, 8, and 5 . this resulted in the response curves of the two versions were discovered to be the same. The MIUI team confirmed that the audio tuning configuration on the development version had not been changed since April. Despite these issues, on the whole, the company is still doing an excellent job by providing software support to MIUI users.