Are you a smartphone addict? Take this quiz to know!

Smartphone addiction is a real thing, and it is affecting many among us in our emotional and physical health.
smartphone addict
Are you a smartphone addict?

Why worry about smartphone addiction?

Smartphone addiction is a real thing. Sure, many of us have a healthy relationship with our device. But it is affecting the both emotional and physical health of many smartphone users. It is also known to create problems in relationships. And I don’t have to tell you about how it affects our productivity. With that many distractions at our fingertips, it can get tough to focus and be productive.

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Tips to control your phone usage time

Even I was a smartphone addict, and I didn’t know about my usage until Google introduced Digital Wellbeing in Android 9. And the kind impacts smartphones can make should be acknowledged, and we should take action. I’ll also include a few tips here to make you have a healthier lifestyle and control your time and attention:

1. Track your screen time

Keeping a tab on your smartphone is the best way to control your usage. Fortunately, smartphones these days come with their own time tracking app—screen time for iOS users and Digital Wellbeing for Android. Just go into settings and balance the app usage time. If you don’t have such options in settings, there are 3rd party apps like Moment (iOS) and Screen Time (Android) to help you track time.

2. Turn off your smartphone at certain times.

Try keeping a particular time of your day as “no-phone” time. It can be when playing with children or siblings, having a conversation with family etc. And do not take your smartphone to the bathroom as it can cause other health problems like haemorrhage (piles).

3. Don’t go to bed with your phone.

The blue light from smartphones is known to disrupt our sleep. So try to turn off your phone (or keep it in DND mode) and keep it away from your hand’s reach. And if you are someone who read eBooks before sleeping, replace it with an actual book. It can help you sleep better.

4. Uninstall social media apps

Make yourself use social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. from a computer. Since these apps are designed with infinite scrolling function, it’ll be too late before you realise how much time has been wasted scrolling through random feeds.

5. Replace the smartphone with healthier activities

It can be tough to kill time when you are bored, especially during the time of a pandemic. Make plans for other ways to fill the time, like reading books, meditating, painting or picking up an instrument. There will be some childhood hobby which you want to rekindle. Go for it!

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6. Turn your phone into Grayscale mode.

Colours are an essential factor in releasing dopamine, which results in addiction. The red notification bubble, the blue and green icons, colourful background it can be hard to resist for our brain. So turning your phone to grayscale can reduce your urge to view the notification and open the apps.

7. Curb your FOMO

By limiting your smartphone usage, you will miss out on the new gossips, latest trends and news. But that is okay. There is already too much information on the internet, so it is impossible to stay on top of everything. Accepting that can fact will help you liberate from the constant urge and break your reliance on technology.

I hope this can help you reduce your smartphone usage to an extent. And if you have anything you can add to the above list, feel free to share about it in the comments.

Stay Home. Stay Safe

Disclaimer: The above quiz is just to give an idea about your smartphone usage. It is by no means a replacement for an actual medical evaluation. If you are having any mental concerns or problems, please seek professional medical help.