Samsung may ditch charger from the Box


Recently One of the biggest news we heard about Apple was that Apple iPhone 12 series would ditch the charger and ear pods from the box. That means you’ll only get some documents and the phone in the box. And you’ll have to buy a charger on your own. And some leaks reports that Samsung might be removing the charger from the Box too…

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There will be a lot of criticisms when Apple does something first, and then the other companies start to follow that. The 3.5mm headphone jack is such an example. Samsung made fun of Apple when they removed the headphone jack. And then what we saw was, Samsung removing the headphone jack from all of its flagships.

Galaxy S20 Ultra with 45W charger

The¬†ETNews claims that Samsung is also planning to sell its flagship phones without the charger. But this is not yet confirmed. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will be releasing next month, and Samsung won’t take the risk with the Note 20 series. And Probably Apple would do the job of making the hate first. Hence, we can expect Samsung to remove the charger from the box for the 2021 flagships.