Samsung, Huawei dominates the 5G Smartphone Market


We have seen the rise of 5G in the global market and the arrival of 5G ready smartphones from the top OEMs. China is the biggest smartphone market, and every smartphone makers want the piece of that juicy pie. And China commercialized 5G at the end of last year, starting the race for 5G smartphones. Now, a recent report from Strategy Analytics pointed out that global shipping of 5G smartphones has exceeded more than 24 million units. 

5g report
Source: Strategy Analytics

Samsung and Huawei combined have around 68% of the global smartphone market share. Regarding the numbers, Samsung shipped about 8.3 million units, which translates to 34.4% of the worldwide market. Huawei (including Honor) closely follows with 8 million units shipped, making 33.2% of the market share. Here are the rest of the OEMs:

  • Vivo – 2.9 million (12%)
  • Xiaomi – 2.5 million (10.4%)
  • Oppo – 1.2 million (5%)

It is not surprising to see Chinese OEMs leading the 5G smartphone market as no other major companies like Apple Inc have stepped into the game. We will have to wait and see how the future market will be with the launching of iPhone 11S (or maybe iPhone 12) which hopefully will come with 5G modem inbuilt. Then other OEMs and chipset makers are working on bringing more cheaper 5G devices to the consumers. Huawei, MediaTek and Qualcomm are already working on mid-level 5G chips. The cheapest 5G phones available now cost around $300. It will be interesting to see the position of the market with the entry of affordable 5G smartphones.

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