The new Fast Pair: Apple-like Bluetooth pairing for Android 2020

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Apples AirPods, when released, was magic on its own. One thing in particular. The seamless connection between Apple devices. Then later on other OEMs starts copying the AirPods with their version of Bluetooth earphones, and I must say, some of them are good enough. But they lacked the kind of integrity the Apple AirPods had. And now we might have a fix for that. Here comes the latest Fast Pair with some significant updates.

What’s New!

The latest update of Fast Pair comes with a charge percentage indicator, finding your lost wireless earphones or speakers and personalizing your Bluetooth accessories. 

The new Fast Pair: Apple-like Bluetooth pairing for Android
Source: Google

Now the android user will get a notification when their Bluetooth headset runs low of battery. And also they’ll be able to see the charge percentage of each component like the left and right earbuds and the case.

The best feature I would say is locating the headset. Truly wireless earphones are small, and it is very likely to lose them. Thankfully if your fon is connected to the device, then you can find them by ringing it using your smartphone. You can also choose only to ring the left or right bud if it is a truly wireless earbud. And the official page also says that you can find the last known location of your headphones using Find My Device app if the location history is turned on.

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Source: Google

You can find these new features as of writing this article, in new Google Pixel Buds and Harmon Kardon FLY. And more devices will be added to the list. Let’s wait and see how it fares against Apple’s tech.

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