LG Electronics might launch a rollable foldable phone

Here comes another competitor to the folding market with a rolling device
LG headquarters

LG, the South Korean electronics giant, is found to be planning for a hybrid device that is both rollable and foldable. As wild as it sounds, the latest patent filings from the company reveals the technology behind it. You can have a look at the patent image below.

lg folding rollable
Source: Asia Times

According to the Asia Times, the company is working on a device that can be folded and rolled. From the patent, we can understand that you can pull the display from the right side to shift it from a smaller screen to a tablet-like display. You can even extend it further and fold the display to give it a laptop-like form factor. That means the device has three types of usage mode, which sounds pretty wild in 2020 standards.

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What is the competition for LG?

Other manufactures like Samsung, Huawei, and Motorola have showcased their version of the foldable display. So it can be quite interesting to see some changes in the upcoming trend from LG. From the patent image, the aspect ratio seems a bit off for laptop usage. But LG spokesperson has said that they are working on making the technology better by increasing the technology’s durability. If appropriately implemented, we might be able to see a new lineup of completely new gadgets with a futuristic form factor.

Our team is excited to see the new rollable, foldable display. What about you? Do you think it will have a use case? Let us discuss this in the comments!

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