Kerala govt. launches ‘BevQ’, Liquor selling App, crossed over 1 Lakh Downloads

South Indian state Kerala has developed a new application called BevQ for generating the token for purchasing the alcohol from the liquor store.

Liquor sales are one of the most valuable income sources of the Kerala government. Amid Coronavirus outbreak, the lockdown made the selling of Liquor difficult. When the beverages outlet have been opened, people rushed, which could not be controlled by the Police. This caused the Kerala government to develop an app called “Bev Q” in which you can get the token to get into the purchase the Liquor. Yesterday, The app got approved from google and made available on the play store. The government has started selling the token today through the app.

Kerala govt. launches BevQ, Liquor selling App

You just have to enter your name, Pincode, and mobile number in the app to get the token. Officials claim that they can sell liquors to 50 people in an hour and is planning to sell 4.8 Lakhs of tokens in the first step. Customer who places the order using this app can receive an e-token with a QR code on their mobile phone. After that, you need to show the token liquor store licensee for scanning, following that the alcohol will be handed to the customer.

However, using the BevQ app, the customer can buy liquor only once in four days in the state. People who are residing in the Red zone can’t avail to purchase liquor or book a slot using the BevQ app.

BevQ crossed over 1 Lakh Downloads on Google PlayStore

According to the latest report, the application crossed over 1 Lakh Downloads hours after going live on Google Play store today. Also, some of them complained about the quality of the BevQ app on social networks regarding the issue in OTP.

The application is offered by Kerala State Beverages Corporation (BEVCO) while it is developed by Kochi-based startup called Faircode Technologies Private Limited. Sadly, the BevQ is not available in iOS, and it’s unclear when the app will reach iOS devices. Now, you can only book using an android smartphone.

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