Jailbreak available for the just-released iOS 13.5

The hacking group Unc0ver made the jailbreak tool using the zero-day kernel exploit in the latest update
iphone jailbreak

Unc0ver has released Unc0ver 5.0.1, which can jailbreak iOS devices through 11.0-13.5. They were able to produce the tools within a few days of their announcement about the new-found exploit. The team claims that they have extensively tested across a range of devices. Pwn20wnd, a well-known iOS hacker, is behind the exploitation of the vulnerability and the jailbreak tool’s creation.

Unc0ver’s website says it utilizes “native system sandbox exceptions” so that “security remains intact while enabling access to jailbreak files,” which is good news if you are concerned about the security of your device.

unc0ver page

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Why Jailbreak?

Jailbreaking is a well-known practice that helps iOS users to modify and theme their device without restrictions from Apple. It gives users more control, which allows users to install 3rd part apps, which goes against Apple’s idea of a “closed ecosystem.” But in recent times, Apple has been making the process harder, which has not been very good with the jailbreak-reliant app market Cydia. The founder of Cydia, Jay “Saurik” Freeman, has thought about closing the marketplace.

Till now, the only way to jailbreak an iPhone was by using the “checkra1n” tool.

Unc0ver’s tool can be downloaded from their website.

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