Huawei Desktop PC Photos leaked: What we know so far

Huawei wants to grab a piece of the desktop PC pie. Will that work?

The alleged upcoming desktop PC photos from Huawei has been leaked by the blogger @_rogame, who also leaked about its appearance in 3DMark database. The blogger has released a few pics which gives us the idea about the looks of the yet-to-release PC of tech giant Huawei. The desktop PC is said to be featuring the upcoming APU from AMD, the Ryzen 5 Pro 4400G.

Huawei Desktop PC: The Design

The design of the PC is pretty minimalist with adequate port selection. At the front, you can find 3 USB-A and one USB-C port along with a headphone jack. An optical drive is also visible. And at the rear, you’ll get 4 USB-A ports, a VGA and a network cable interface. We can say that the PC is designed as a business-machine from the looks and the chipset selection of Huawei.

The AMD Trend

We can observe a current shift from Intel to AMD in many major PC manufactures. Xiaomi and Honor recently released their new generation of laptop lineup, Redmibook and MagicBook respectively, sporting AMD Ryzen mobile processors. So it is not very surprising to see Huawei going with AMD chipset for their desktop. From the consumer standpoint, the transition makes sense as AMD has been able to provide more value for money and better performance in some instances, making it favourable among the customers.

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The said AMD Ryzen 4000 series APU is expected to be released on July 21st. When talking about specs, the AMD R5 Pro 4400G processor comes with six cores and 12 threads with an integrated Vega 7 GPU with a frequency of 1800MHz. The clock speed of the CPU can vary between 3.7GHz and 4.3GHz with a power consumption of 65W. The desktop PC will come with Kunpeng 920 motherboard.

AMD R5 Pro 4400G


Besides the raw numbers, a video has appeared showing some of the capabilities of the desktop PC. The video points out the video rendering, 4K playback and other capabilities of the machine. The Blender BMW test score was 11 minutes and 47 seconds. The 4K video playback was smooth on the streaming platform, but it faced a lag when played a local 4K video. Overall, the performance might not be extraordinary, but for the intended usage, it’ll get the job done.

Telegram Channel

Huawei has been clear about their plan in the PC market. Wang Yinfeng, president of Huawei’s consumer business tablet and PC product line, has informed about their project to design high-performance notebook and desktop products. So after reading along with the current trend, we are guessing that the next lineup of Huawei Matebook might feature AMD processors. We’ll be looking out for more leaks or statements on newer product lineups.

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