Huawei Discusses with Developers: May bring Playstore apps to Huawei App Gallery


Currently, Huawei is having a rough time with its smartphone business. As it cannot use Google Mobile Services in its devices which means that its market outside China is severely depreciating. The recently launched Huawei Mate 30 series and Huawei P40 series flagships do not use Google’s services.

Since Huawei cannot use GMS and PlayStore, it has been promoting its own ecosystem. Last year, Huawei launched AppGallery and HMS mobile service. HMS and Huawei App Gallery is an alternative to GMS and PlayStore. But, these alternatives are far below what Google is offering; thus, it needs something better. The new reports say that Huawei is actively discussing with relevant developers to bring PlayStore apps to its AppGallery. If they can succeed in this, then its smartphone business outside China will strike high again.

When Huawei first announced HMS at the HDC conference last year, there were 14 services, including 9 essential services and 5 growth services. Although, as of now, it has about 24 facilities. The HMS is developing really fast. Moreover, the number of HMS ecosystem developers is also increasing rapidly. Within a few months, nearly 400,000 developers joined. Now it has about 1.3 million developers. Huawei HMS covers more than 170 countries around the world, with 400 million monthly active users. Its AppGallery app store has at least 55,000 applications.

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