How To Get Jobs In Picoworkers and Microworkers, Picoworkers and Microworkers Review 2020

In this article, I will show you how to get jobs in Picoworkers and Microworkers, and earn up to 100$ online without any investment.
Earn up to 100$ online

There’re lots of websites on the internet to earn money by merely doing tasks. Today, I’m going to review the most popular marketplace called Microworkers and Picoworkers. They pay for simple tasks like Application Reviews, Website Signup, Watching Videos on Social Media, Paid Surveys, Article, and more.

So, how to earn money online using Picoworkers and Microworkers? For that, you need to just signup the site and fill the profile. Indeed you can earn up to 100$ per month using these two market place.

Payment Methods

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Microworkers Review and How to get Microworkers Job

Microworkers is one of the highly recommended websites for making money online. It offers many remote-jobs and pays a high amount of cash for customers. I was using it for two years and earned some bucks for a while. The minimum withdrawal amount is 10$ using Paypal and Skrill, and Payoneer is another option when you withdraw 20$ or more.

How To Get Jobs In Microworkers and Microworkers Review
Microworkers Review

Microworkers has more than 1.7 million workers worldwide and completed more than 48+ million tasks until now. For one task, it takes around 10 minutes to complete and earn 1$ for every simple task—however, the first time when you signup, you get only some jobs or works to do. It will increase according to your work is done, so you need to be patient for a while. Further, better to maintain the success rate, which means you need at least a 75% success rate, according to Microworkers.

Microworker has a simple user interface for its website so that it is easy to find different works without wasting time on the dashboard. It takes less than seven days to review your tasks by employers. Some of the high paying works are:

  • Application installation or Testing
  • Reviews
  • Post an Article on blogs
  • Website visit and signup
  • Surveys

Note: It may vary according to different locations and countries. Here I’m using the country India.

Microworkers payment proof
Microworkers payment proof

Picoworkers Review and How to get Picoworkers Job

Picoworkers is another online marketplace for remote – jobs. It is similar to Microworkers. The website looks simple and has more tasks than Microworkers. However, some jobs are paying less compared to Microworkers. It would be best if you verified your identity before working on Picoworkers. Besides, they’ve changed the website design a few days before and stopped the referral program, which is one of the best ways to earn money without working.

How To Get Jobs In Picoworkers and Picoworkers Review
Picroworkers Review

Now Picoworkers looks excellent compared to the older interface. It has come up with a new dark mode feature on the top right section of the site. When you work, it takes some days to review the task by employers. So it would help if you were patient to get money to your wallet. For withdrawal, Picoworkers support PayPal, Ethereum, and Litecoin. The minimum withdrawal balance is 5.35$ and takes a small fee for payment processing.

Like Microworkers, the Picoworkers also offer a variety of jobs and tasks for users. Some of we know jobs are:

  • Website Signup
  • Writing an article
  • Write a Review
  • Surveys/offers
  • Mobile Application

Sites like Picoworkers and Microworkers

In Conclusion

I’ve used these two market place for earning some pocket money. However, I can’t tell precisely how much money you can make from these two sites. It depends on your work and time. If you work more, then definitely you can make more money from these two websites.

Finally, if you have time and patience, then definitely try Microworkers and Picoworkers. In my opinion, it’s better for students those who are struggling to earn money online. Share this article with your family and friends.

Soon, I am going to write more articles for earning money online. So don’t forget to subscribe to the website for future updates.

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