Get Free Ecoin: how to earn cryptocurrencies online without any investment

Ecoin is the fastest growing digital currency coin that you earn by referring to people. You can receive up to 300 ECoin per referral, which is around 1-2$.
How to earn ecoin free

Today, I’m going to show you how to earn cryptocurrencies online without any investment. Here, I’m going to write about how to get Ecoin, which is a digital currency that you can make for free. First of all, let us know about the Ecoin. Ecoin is the fastest growing digital currency coin that you earn by referring to people. You can receive up to 300 ECoin per referral, which is around 1-2$. Previously, it was about 1000 Ecoins, but now it’s changed because the Ecoin price goes up.

Ecoin has been listed on Probit Exchange, which is a digital currency exchange for trading cryptos. So I will provide the details last. First of all, you need a telos account that we can install from Google Play Store for withdrawing coins from Ecoin official site. However, keep in mind that the offers are only available for some months. So, collect Ecoins as much as possible.

How to create Ecoin account

For creating an account, you only need an email address.

How to Get Free Ecoin
  • Now, goto Ecoin homepage and click on the sign-up menu for creating a new account.
  • You can either sign-up using Google authentication or Email. It’s your choice.
  • After Ecoin login, you’re directed to the dashboard that you see here.
  • Now you need to verify your Phone number by WhatsApp. It’s important to verify phone numbers for withdrawing ecoin and Fully valid. So please don’t avoid it.
How to Get Free Ecoin
  • After verifying, you’ll get 300 ecoins and 25 tickets for free. You can scratch this ticket and get up to 20000 ecoins free. Also, earn free tickets by referring friends.
How to Get Free Ecoin Tickets

There are two types of balance here; one is saving balance and other one current balance. In saving balance, you can earn interest by saving ecoins and also all referral income will deposit in savings. After three months you can withdraw this saving balance to your cryptocurrency exchange.

In current balance, you can withdraw ecoins instantly. For that, you need to get free tickets that you’ll get from referring friends. Scratching tickets offer an ecoins, which will deposit in the current balance. So, you can withdraw directly to telos account.

How to Create Telos Account for Withdrawal

Now, you need to make a telos account. For that, download it from the play store directly. I’m using a wombat application to create it. You need to create a telos ID for depositing coins. After that, Copy and paste this ID on the wallet details column on the ecoin dashboard. That’s it.

Now you can invite your friend to the Ecoin community by referring to people using your unique referral link. You can earn Ecoins by referring to friends.


Trading Ecoin on Probit

Probit is a popular crypto exchange to trade digital currencies. You can create a probit account by clicking here, and it’s free to use. Note that you need to verify and complete ID verification or KYC on Probit to get fully unlocked features.

In probit exchange, you can trade ecoin with other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, TRX, or any of them.

Note: you can’t withdraw ecoin directly to Probit. First, you need to transfer you ecoin from official site to wombat account. Then from wombat to Probit.

If you want to convert traded crypto to your national currencies like INR, USD, EUR or any, then you can go for Binance or WaxirX. You just need to transfer your crypto from Probit to Binance or WazirX.

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