“HERE WEGO” : Huawei’s Latest Google Maps Alternative


Since the Chinese giant Huawei banned from google services and applications, it cannot integrate into its Devices. So, Huawei has been searching for alternative services to overcome this. According to new reports, the company has found the navigation application to replace Google Maps.
Huawei HERE WeGo

HERE WeGo allows you to download maps among the various features it offers. So users can browse routes without an internet connection. In addition, the application, which provides information about public transportation in more than 1300 cities worldwide, also provides important information such as bus ticket prices and taxi fare. In addition, HERE WeGo includes features such as traffic status. This alongside alternative route planning to reach the destination just like Google Maps.

huawei HERE WeGo

Huawei recently launched P40 series, which included three models. The P40, the P40 Pro and a new model P40 Pro Plus. These three smartphones come without Google apps and services. Instead, they came with Huawei mobile services and alternative apps to popular Google apps. We will have to wait to see how users will accept new phones without Google apps.

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