Google Camera 7.4 rolls out with 8X zoom for videos on the Pixel 4

The Google Pixel series is one of the best in the "camera category" in the smartphone market. The google camera gets more and more update every time, which makes the camera quality and the features a step forward. Here, we've some information about the new google camera version 7.4
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The Google camera version 7.4 lets the owners of the Pixel 4 and 4XL users to record videos at 8x Zoom level. The older versions were limited to the 6x zoom level. The pixel 4 has a feature called “Super Res Zoom” which helps to take photos in 8x zoom levels with lossless quality photos

The video mode should not be in “Auto mode” or”60fps” to record in the 8x Zoom level in 1080p video resolution. However, video recording at 4k60 is still not available in this version of the Google camera.

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Google made it easier to identify, in which resolution you are recording at, in the new Google camera. In the dropdown menu of the video tab, you’ll see new “Full HD (1080p)” and “4K (Ultra-high resolution)” options. In version 7.3, the dropdown only showed the “Flash” and “Frames/sec” options, while the toggle for recording at 4K resolution was only available in the full settings menu.

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