11 ESSENTIAL TIPS – How to Get More Views on Youtube Videos For Free 2020 Fast

How to Get More Views on Youtube

When it comes to YouTube it’s really important to get lots of views as possible if you don’t get more views on youtube fast, then your video can end up to down. However, if you get a lot of views faster then that video typically is more likely to recommend by YouTube.

As we all know, YouTube has roughly around 22 billion monthly visits as well as the 2nd largest search engine in the world, but competition is higher in many categories.

However, some peoples get successful on YouTube and some may not, but why? They don’t provide enough data for the video as well as don’t upload content consistently.

So, today I will probably be going to show some of the factors that you want to think before and after uploading the video. This will surely help to get more increase youtube views from the YouTube platform, also helps to successfully grow your channel.

Before that let me give 5 best YouTube channel ideas/topics for 2020.

  • Gaming and Products
  • Technology and products
  • Personal Vlog
  • Food and Recipes
  • Health and fitness

How to get more views on YouTube

To get more views on YouTube faster you need to follow some YouTube strategy. Usually, YouTube collect views from Recommendations, Search and browse features.

Here are some of the best practices

1- Better Thumbnail

Simply upload a better thumbnail for getting more views on videos. Note that people first see your video thumbnail when they try to click on Video. Most of the YouTubers upload terrible thumbnails, but it hurts their chance to grow channels.

Use a high-quality image and vectors for the Thumbnail. As well as, try to use the engaging font, but better to avoid fancy fonts.

Moreover, use fewer words, but optimize according to title or keyword that your using.

Moreover, You can do A/B testing for a better understanding of the click-through rate (CTR). For this, you can just use TubeBuddy, they provide A/B testing and keyword research for YouTube.

2- Identify Your Audience

YouTube audience is a crucial part of your channel as well as your video. However, for this, you need to find the best topics for your channel and make videos according to topics so that you can reach the audience faster and get more views on youtube.

3- Optimize Video Title 

Similar to thumbnail, Video title has an important role in YouTube views. Optimize your video title account according to targeted keywords. The better title will help to get more views on YouTube recommendations, Search and Homepage, as well as even, google search.

A title with a front-loaded keyword can help you to rank on YouTube. This what the strategy I’m using for my videos.

Moreover, try to use trending keyword phrases for the title and make it short. Use free SEO tools that provide trend keywords for you. I will provide some of the tools at last, which helps to get more views.

4- Video Tags

YouTube tags aren’t important as they used to be, but still, it makes a difference. On the other hand, most people on YouTube use tags in the wrong way. Note that it will help YouTube to understand the content of your video.

Optimize tags according to keyword phrases and content. Don’t confuse YouTube by adding irrelevant tags. It will affect your videos. You can use long-tail keywords for better performance and increase views on youtube videos.

5- Make long videos

Long videos can help you get more watch hours and views. Also, it’s helpful to get more money using Google Adsense.

6- Video Description

Avoiding video description is a huge mistake for losing views. Nowadays, many creators ignore the description. According to some research, long descriptions can help the video to rank better on YouTube as well as gain more views. Because the longer description helps YouTube to understand what your video all is about.

Well, want to outline the content of your video on the description with rich keywords, and also add some high-quality links including your social media. As well as, avoid spam links in the description.

7- Organize Playlist

Why playlist is important to get more views? Well, when you organize your videos according to related topics in the playlist and then the user watches the video from that, the other videos in that playlist will automatically play after finishing the first video. So it will increase video views, as well as video watch time.

8- Share videos on Social

Social networking sites like Facebook, Reddit, WhatsApp, etc are huge places to promote YouTube videos.

For instance, your channel is all about smartphone updates, then you can search for pages or groups related to tech or smartphone brand communities on Facebook. This may help to increase more views for Youtube videos.

Quora is one of the other communities that I recommend. Because people have tons of questions regarding different categories, but you can answer if your video relatively in a category.

Many YouTubers promote their videos on social to get more high-quality views.

9- Push viewers to subscribe to your channel

How to encourage your viewers to subscribe to your channel? Well, simply ask them to subscribe and amplify using bell notification for future video uploads. However, current viewers can help to grow your channel and get more views.

Another way is by using the lower third in the video, there are lots of free lower thirds templates on the Internet.

10- End screen and Video cards

End screen and cards are free tools provided by YouTube to promote videos. Using the End screen, you can promote up to 4 videos in a video and it is a dedicated frame. On the other hand, cards are like a pop-up that you can use at any time in the video. For me, these are also the best way to increase the view on video.

11- Video transcription

Video transcription is another way to increase views on Youtube, especially from international viewers. YouTube permits a closed caption when you upload a video. That’s gonna be a great idea and helps to increase views faster.

 Additional Youtube SEO tool


TubeBuddy is YouTube management tools for optimizing your channel. You need to install a TubeBuddy extension for Chrome or Mozilla Firefox from the respective store or TubeBuddy official site, as well as it is a youtube certified tool. Besides, they provide an application for iOS and Android.

However, they provide lots of related keywords for your videos that help to get more views from YouTube. Further, tube buddy is a free keyword research tool, but they also provide Pro and premium licenses that starting from 9$ to 49$ per month. If you have a promo code then you will get a discount of 25%.

Learn More PNG Free Image


Similarly, this is also a Youtube management tool like TubeBuddy. VidIQ provides a free extension for Chrome and Firefox. Unlike TubeBuddy, they don’t provide an application for smartphones.

However, VidIQ gives powerful trending keyword, and best provide the best checklist. Unlike TubeBuddy, the premium license price is high, which is starting from 10$, but provide 30 days – free trial pro plan and cancel anytime.

One of the best things I found in the email subscription that you will allow you to get daily trending keywords and you can use it in the video.

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Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a free tool in the Google advertising platform called AdWords. It can help to get relevant keywords and it’s volume. Further, you can google trends for finding trending topics. So, it may helpful for you to get more views by analyzing trend data.

There are many tools to finding better keywords, but I always suggest you use these 3 tools for YouTube. Because they provide better data for rank and gain more views on YouTube.

Suggested Channel for YouTube Tips

2- Brian G Johnson TV

They provide amazing tips for growing and promoting Youtube videos

What is your favorite strategy to get more views on YouTube? Let me know in a comment.

Thank you

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