Fingerprint verification finally available on Google websites

Android fingerprint 2 1

Finally, fingerprint verification comes to Google services on the Android device. The Mountain View company stated that from now on, to unlock the code for some of the Google services on your Android device, you can verify your identity using the fingerprint reader instead of typing the password. The new authentication method started rolling out for Google Pixel smartphones. And this will arrive on all devices with Android 7 and later versions in the coming days.

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This means the user will no longer need to enter the classic password to access a specific site. And they will be able to use the unlocking methods set for their smartphone. In this way, moreover, the fingerprint data won’t be saved in Google’s servers. But will remain saved on the device locally.


The device will recognise the person who is trying to login by using the fingerprint sensor. Currently, there is no support for face recognition as the 2D face recognition is not secure. But it is not said that the support cannot extend in the future.