FIFA 21: EA plans to release this year amidst the Coronavirus pandemic

fifa 21

In the latest meeting with investors, Electronic Arts have officially confirmed that they are preparing for the launch of FIFA 21 this year. And they have also confirmed the preparation of Battlefield 6, which will premiere in 2021.

There are several EA Sports games mentioned in the Electronic Arts catalogue in the coming months. But the highlight of them will FIFA 21 as a crowd of football enthusiasts are waiting for its release. EA has confirmed in the meeting with the investors, that FIFA 21 will hit the market without problems despite the current global crisis of COVID-19 pandemic.

Where to find FIFA 21?

FIFA 21 will be available for the fans in PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. And we can expect the usual pomp and show around the launch of the title. And talkings are going on the preparations for the grand presentation event, which presumably will be taking place at the EA Play Live 2020. We will be able to see more news regarding the release in the coming weeks.

fifa 21

And also the production of Battlefield 6 is not showing any signs of slow down, which is good news for the fans. Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts, has positively evaluated the course of the development:

First, I would say, Battlefield is progressing very, very well. We’re excited by what the team’s doing. And again, in the context of the work-at-home environment that had been truly inspirational and how that continued to develop great entertainment in the context of our Battlefield universe. So, I’m excited for when next year comes.

He has also ensured that the current remote work condition does not disturb the work of the team, but rather, a source of inspiration. Developers are very dedicated to the projects are working hard to deliver the best gameplay possible, which gives an optimist view on the coming releases.


So FIFA fans, the game should be released in September if things go as usual. Are you excited about the stats of the development? What are some new features which you are hoping to see in the new update the FIFA lineup? Share it with us in the comments!

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