Facebook to introduce new group Video Call with Messenger room 2020

facebook rooms

Facebook service adds to the list of video conferencing tools that Internet users can use: Messenger Rooms. Announced this week, Rooms invites up to 50 participants. The service links to the Messenger application, from which the user can launch a videoconference.

Once videoconference is created, you can share an invitation to join it on Facebook through the news feed, groups or events, or by sharing a link for people who do not have Facebook accounts. And shortly, it will also be possible to start a group conversation from WhatsApp or Instagram Direct.

Facebook Messenger room

While other video conferencing services are designed for professional use, Facebook targets the general public with Rooms. “When you get an invitation to a room, you can join from your phone or computer. You don’t have to download anything to start,” says the social media leader.

Regarding privacy, Facebook explains: “When you join a room via Facebook or Messenger, participants with whom you are not friends on Facebook will be able to see and hear everything you say or share in the room, but they won’t have better access to your profile or information in other parts of Facebook. They will only be able to see information such as your name and information from your public Facebook profile. In addition to what you have published publicly, or the content of a group that you both joined”. Facebook also ensures that the video and audio conversations on Rooms will not be in use to target advertisements.

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