ColorOS 7.2 released: What’s new!

The updated ColorOS 7.2 version emphasizes more on the camera app and AI improvements with a bucket load of new features.
Oppo ColorOS 7.2

Oppo has launched the Reno 4 series alongside more new-generation products in China, which, to everyone’s surprise, runs on a new iteration of the ColorOS 7. Oppo had announced ColorOS 7.1 at the beginning of March with the Find X2 series. The updated ColorOS 7.2 version emphasizes more on the camera app and AI improvements with a bucket load of new features. Here’s a more in-depth look:

1. Super Night Video Mode

super night video mode oppo coloros
Screenshot of super night video mode

Oppo says that they have developed a new algorithm called the “Moonlight Night View Video Algorithm”. Released for the first time with the Oppo Reno 4 series, this feature will increase the brightness by 74.4% and the sharpness by 33.7% to offer better quality video shots, especially in low light or night conditions.

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2. New Soloop video editor

ColorOS users are already familiar with Soloop video editor. However, the new Soloop video editor comes with a completely new design and makes images extra lively and expressive. Users can now make even more realistic videos on Soloop, with video recommendations and more.

movie mode and soloop video editor oppo coloros
Movie mode

Movie Mode for VideosOPPO has introduced the all-new movie mode capable of recording videos in a 21:9 aspect ratio. Users can access ten movie filters from real movies, equipped with multiple pre-loaded movie templates, and adjust parameters such as exposure shutter speed and more. Further, a few other settings will also be tweakable to make the recording simpler.

3. Super Power Saving Mode

Oppo’s new Super Power saving mode, which comes with ColorOS 7.2, focuses on efficiently using the last minutes of the battery’s discharge cycle. Users can continue to use essential functions while it filters demanding applications and intelligently adjusts certain features such as backlight and CPU settings to save battery. Further OPPO stated that users could use the popular WeChat application for 1.5 hours (90 minutes), consuming only 5% of the battery in this mode.

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4. AI Application Pre-launch

OPPO’s updated algorithm provides an improved response of AI on the new ColorOS 7.2. It analyses your daily usage habits, predicts trends, and even pre-launch specific applications, reducing the app-start-up time and latency.

5. Intelligent Picture (AI repair)

intelligent picture ai repair oppo coloros
AI Fix for images

Users who want to take pictures of old physical photos for memories can now do this with AI repair. The AI repair algorithm on the camera can now improve the originally blurry and noisy portrait images.


6. Smart Album

Newly introduced in ColorOS 7.2, the system album has a video intelligent clustering function that uses on-device facial recognition and AI detection to identify and group people from scenes and videos. It also supports one-click video search.

7. OPPO Lab

Newly launched on ColorOS 7.2, OPPO Lab is an innovative product discovery platform where users can experience the latest rollouts for the first time and showcase their skills and ideas to explore new possibilities.

8. Open Camera SDK

OPPO is one of the very few companies to let 3rd party apps to use it’s software development kit.

camerae sdk oppo coloros
USing ultrawide camera in 3rd party app

With ColorOS 7.2, OPPO users can now use 3rd party applications such as GCam and use video stabilization, video HDR, Super Wide-Angle function, and more.

As for the rollout time, it’s not official yet. It is, however, to see if the updates will trickle down to its predecessors or not.