Best Thumbnail Maker 2020, How to Make a Thumbnail for Youtube Online Fast

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Hello, it’s 2020. How to get perfect thumbnail maker for youtube videos? Let’s make more views on youtube videos this year. As we all know, YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world, which has roughly 22 billion monthly visits. Further, it is more competitive to get videos in search because youtube is one of the premier platforms in the world to reach the audience. Even if you’re using the platform for marketing, sharing recipes, education, tech, and updates, etc., creating vibrant thumbnails can instantly grab people’s attention fast because of visuals. However, you can break your competitor’s videos using thumbnail quickly. So, today I’m talking about thumbnail maker for youtube that makes your videos get more Click through rates. First of all,

Best Thumbnail Maker for Youtube

When we decide to find different videos, the first thing we will see the video thumbnail. 90% of the YouTube videos use custom thumbnail according to report from YouTube. Apart from a thumbnail, titles, descriptions, and tags are also an essential factor to get YouTube recommendations like suggestions, search and browse features. So, here are some online tools to make a perfect thumbnail for your YouTube videos, which is fast and easy-to-use.

Thumbnail maker for Youtube 2020

  1. Canva
  2. Adobe Spark
  3. Fotor
  4. Snappa


Canva is one of my favourite tools thumbnail maker for youtube. In Canva you can create your custom YouTube thumbnail fast, just you want to select the design and change some content. They provide 201+ thumbnail templates for free. Canva is easy to use and offers high-quality output. Further, if you need free stocks or best high-quality fonts, then I highly recommend you to use Canva.
Canva provides templates for banner, infographic, logo, poster, Instagram post, presentation, resumes, and other graphics work. They also have a paid plan for using premium features for more templates, fonts and download options.
Home: Canva


Spark is an online designing tool from Adobe Systems. They provide professional templates free of cost but also have paid service for the full version. Using Adobe Spark, you can design YouTube thumbnail without any designing skills. Just you want to drag and drop functionality, but only a few fonts were available. However, fonts are free to use, and quality is excellent.
Spark provides free cloud storage, free online images and upload content from our computer or mobile device. Further, you can download the Spark application from AppStore or Play-Store.


Fotor is an online designing tool that provides flexible content for the user. They also offer free YouTube thumbnail banners with lots of options to customize. However, it comes up with cloud storage, free stock photos, and fonts. Similar to Canva and Spark, but have some advertisement around the editing section. YouTube can just upgrade and remove ads.
Other than thumbnail maker, they also provide banner design, logo design, social media covers, posters, and many different Designs.
Home: Fotor


Snappa is also an online graphic designing tool with support for cloud storage, like the other three tools that I talked earlier. It comes with a large number of YouTube thumbnail design for free. You can customize the template by changing images, fonts and give you high-quality output. Further, they also provide a paid version for getting some premium features. However, free is okay for everyone.
Unlike fotor, snappa doesn’t come with advertisements even for the free plan. Further, you can share the design with your friends or family, and no designing skill is needed. In my personal opinion, Snappa is one of my best YouTube thumbnail maker.
Home: Snappa
So, guys, these four tools are best for making a fantastic or smashing thumbnail for your YouTube videos. There are similar tools like this you can get it from the internet, but these are only my recommendations that I used. So, I will update more thumbnail maker tools in the coming days and don’t forget to share the article with your friends.

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