Apple Headphones: Everything we know so far

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Apple launched its first Airpods back in December 2016. And the Airpod series are the best in class wireless earphone out there (but Android is trying to catch up) in the market. And presently Airpod comes in two variants. Airpods and Airpods Pro. However, the rumours say that Apple is going to expand its lineup by adding new High-End Apple headphones. Here are the summarised details of the rumours we have heard so far.

What’s new in Apple headphones?

The Apple High-end Headphones will have a new look. Two versions will there, including a premium version made of leather. The prototype of the headset describes as using a ‘retro-style’ appearance, with earmuffs that rotate with the headband with metal arms attached. The second style uses for fitness. It will be using light and breathable materials with small holes to improve airflow. There is also a possibility to make replaceable housings.

phoho source: 9to5mac

Both of these products will be in the premium range. Although Apple previously acquired the Beats brand to sell this type of headset, like ‘AirPods’, Apple is also developing Apple-branded headphones instead of Beats.



Apple product analyst Ming Chi Kuo said that the Apple Headphones would have active noise reduction. And that’s, not a big surprise because Beats Studio 3, Solo Pro and AirPods Pro all have Äctive noise cancellation” feature. This feature is designed to reduce environmental noise. And users can focus on what they are listening to. If it is similar to ANC on the AirPods Pro, there will be a transparent mode that will enable noise reduction, but ambient sound can be collected. As it is a high-end headset, sound equality expects to be much superior to Airpods.

headhphones and airpod
rumoured Headsets and Apple Airpods


The price of the new headset is expected to be priced at around $350 and indicates that it’ll be released in 2020. We have to wait and see if the pricing can be justified and it gives competition for the liking of Bose, JBL, Sennheiser and other giants in the field.

Now, what are your thoughts on the upcoming headphones from Apple? Do you think they’ll be able to cause a ripple in the headphones industry? And are you willing to check it out? Let us know below in the comments!

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