MacOS BIG SUR: The all-new updated macOS

Apple WWDC finally happened and brought a set of good news for Apple enthusiasts. Among them, we can list the announcement of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 as well as the watchOS 7 big reveals.

For the first time, Apple’s WWDC 2020 event has been streamed exclusively online with no in-person event. There were some big announcements, including some you might have expected, and others that might be a surprise for you. Among them, we have the announcement of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 as well as the watchOS 7 big reveals.



The first and most significant change in the new firmware is the new UI. The OS is named after a landmark in California. The apps in the new UI now comes with new color schemes, and rounded corners, transparency effects, translucent menu bar, a new set of app icons, and a new floating dock. The update also introduced new checkboxes, sliders, sounds, sheets, and symbols, and brand new iconography. The menu bar items are now more space out. Altogether the entire UI completely changes from what macOS users were used to.

macos 2

macOS Big Sur also introduces a new Control Center to its platform. It has some similarities with IOS. It allows the users to drag and drop some items to pin to the menu bar, which will enable you to quickly access some of the features without needing to bring down the Control Center. The Notification Center has also got a new look, that will show all notifications if you click the clock in the corner. The notifications almost have the same design of iOS, and there is even a new Widget interface taking a ride on iOS 14 Widget integration.


Apple’s browser Safari comes on a start page with customizable background images and sections like the iCloud Tabs and Reading list. The browser can detect when you’re on a page with non-native language and offer to translate it for you.  Safari’s Tab UI has also got an update with increased tab density. Users can close a group of tabs all at once.

macos 3


  • Messages receives the same style as ios 14
  • Maps get revamped update
  • Expanded Editing Capabilities within the Photos App
  • HomeKit secure video notifications
  • Deeper Web Knowledge for Siri
  • Automatic device switching for AirPods
  • Listen Now as the new Home for Apple Music
  • Faster Updates

The new software update will be coming later this year in Fall. The developer beta has already been released. Users interested in the public beta will be able to install it in July. The new OS will offer support to MacBook (2015 and older), MacBook Air (2013 and later), MacBook Pro (Late 2013 and later), Mac mini (2014 and later), iMac (2014 and later), iMac Pro, and Mac Pro (2013 and later).