600MP Sensor for smartphone: Samsung’s long term Goal

samsung 108mp isocell

The ultra-resolution smartphone cameras reached impressive numbers with the release of the 108MP sensors. Recently Samsung released its Flagship device Galaxy S20 ultra featuring 108MP sensor. According to reports, the Korean firm isn’t satisfied with what this module can achieve and wants to go further on. The company’s main goal is to achieve and bring a 600MP image sensor that’s going to be the true challenger to the human eye. Yet, in the short term, the company wants to bring smartphones with 250MP cameras.

Samsung 600MP Sensor
Samsung 600MP Sensor

According to the report, the 250MP sensor could be up to an inch in diagonal. The company’s most recent flagship “Galaxy S20 Ultra” has a 108MP sensor with 1/1.33-inches. It still is considerably smaller than the rumoured 1-inch module.

The very same report states that Samsung is pretty much done with the development of its 150MP camera. We should expect the first smartphones were coming with this camera module in the second half of 2020. Our best bet would be the rumoured Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.