5 Best Free Stock Photography Sites for Commercial Use – April 2020

Nowadays, Photos have a major role in graphic design, bloggers, and even marketing. There are many stock photography sites on the internet but need money to buy a stock image. So, where can I get a royalty-free stock photo?

Well, we’ve found 5 best royalty-free stock photography images websites that can use for free or under creative commons license.

This would mean that all the images you download from these stock sites can modify, copy or use for commercial or personal purposes.

Free Stock Photography Images Sites

However, I always suggest you read licenses from these websites before downloading them.
Surprisingly, all these sites don’t need an account to download, but better to make an account for saving uploads or liking pictures.

Let’s start

Free Stock Photography Images Sites


Pexels - Free Stock Photography Images Sites

One of the best stock websites that has a large selection of free stock photos and videos. Pexels have more than 300,000+ free photos and videos from their contributor. Almost every photos and video are free from copyright restrictions and no attribution required.

Pexels provide a license to modify, copy and share without any restriction. The good news is you don’t need an account for downloading photos from Pexels even though you can donate to the contributor.

Popular categories include Architecture, computer, party, nature, family and love, animals, summer and more.


Unsplash - Free Stock Photography Images Sites

Unsplash is one of my recommendations for beautiful stock photography. They provide stock images for various categories like wallpapers, textures & patterns, nature, architecture, animal, travel, and love or romance.

The Unsplash webpage is simple and easy to download images in a single click. Further, comes up with high-quality images or photos.

However, you can donate some bucks to the contributor if you wish. All photos from Unsplash are free to use and use for commercial and personal use that helps to modify, share and copy images.


StockSnap - Free Stock Photography Images Sites

One of popular stock photography website that has a large number of the community for stock photos. StockSnap uploads 100+ high-resolution stock images every week.

StockSnap provides trending topics every day like business, nature, food, wallpaper, love, flower, and architecture. You can directly download images from the website that means you don’t need to make an account.

All images downloading from StockSnap follow Creative Commons license, this means that the image can download for free and use to revise, copy or even you can use for commercial purposes.


Pixabay - Free Stock Photography Images Sites

Pixabay comes up with 1M + free stock photos and videos by their community. All content on Pixabay can be used for commercial and personal use which means you can modify, copy and share. Further, you don’t provide any credits or attribution.

Popular images people use to download is business, dog, wallpapers, family, money, computer, and nature. Pixabay also provides a blog for the community, and also you can use it for more photography tips.


Burst - Free Stock Photography Images Sites

Burst is a free stock photography site from Shopify.  They have a large selection of stunning stocks for free to use. On the other hand, some of them are under creative commons CC0 license, but free photos can edit, modify and share.

Burst interface is a simple dark theme. Not only simple but also easy to download in one click. Furthermore, there are two options to download photos with high resolution and low resolution.
Popular categories include Spring, Motivation, Strength, Nature, and more. As well as, you can contribute photos to burst by just making an account for free.
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In conclusion, these websites provide a large number of stock photography resources for bloggers, marketers, and businesses.

These days, many people use the stock for a social network like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for creating amazing content. So, from today onwards don’t waste money on paid stocks if you’re using for blogging.

However, there is a large number of websites providing free stock resources. I will update more in my next articles.

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